Abstract Art varies greatly but can have a major impact, it may stimulate new ideas, old memories, be a refreshing escape or just simply confuse.

It expresses varying degrees of Ambiguity and Reality, everyone has a different life story, we all have different perspectives, it is modified by our unique life experiences. 
What you experience when you see abstract art today is uniquely your individual perspective and no one else’s. 
You either relate in some way or you don’t but like with any new experience it is best to approach it with an open mind. 
Abstract Art blurs the lines between reality and fantasy and the unimagined, it can alter your reality and help you recognise what you personally believe. 

To some Abstract Art is obtuse, they will simply walk away without a second thought, for others they are reminded of something that they intuitively feel deep within, a knowing bordering on the spiritual and everything in between. For some it is like refreshing a page, their mind is given a break from reality and social normality.

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